Throwback Thursday #1

Well, it’s Throwback Thursday on any and all social media platforms.  So I figured why not do a quick one on my blog?

Trust me, you’ll love this.


Yep, this is me when I was 16 rocking a Reptar shirt.  Man, I look like a fetus.  I think I still have that shirt somewhere.  Anyway, happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

I have work tomorrow, blah.

Oh well, it’s not like anything else ever happens on campus on Fridays.


Blizzard of 2015 – Wait, Blizzard?

Once again, typical New England… or at least Connecticut.

That huge blizzard we were supposed to get… you know, the one where people thought we’d have about 140,000 people without power?  Well, it wimped out.  Last I knew, only 14 people lost power in my state.  That’s nothing.  Yeah, there were some wicked winds out there and we got a ton of snow, but I was honestly expecting to be literally snowed in for a day or two.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m thankful that it wasn’t a devastating storm.  I just thought there’d be a little more excitement.  I’m guessing school will probably be open tomorrow and I’ll have to go to class.


Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

I hope people in Massachusetts are doing well.  I have friends living up there… I should call them.


Blizzard of 2015 – First Night

One thing about being a New Englander… you get snowstorms quite often.

And yes, that occasionally means blizzards.

Welcome Blizzard Colbie (at least, that’s what we’re calling it here in Connecticut).

So for this storm, I’m actually going to trapped on my school campus during it.  I guess that’s not too bad since it should be relatively safe and I’m not alone.  I have my two roommates, Brandon and Dexter, here with me since they decided to stick around for the storm.  We’re actually pretty psyched about the storm, but then again, why wouldn’t we be?  Our afternoon classes were cancelled today and they’re cancelled for tomorrow as well.  Wednesday is still uncertain, but I’m guessing we won’t have any.

In fact, I actually have a bet going with Brandon and Dexter on this.

So for the past few hours we’ve just been camping out in our dorm watching Netflix.  Not the most exciting thing, I know.  But it beats doing the homework that we should be doing.  We’ll probably end up playing video games at some point, we are guys after all.  I’m also keeping everything charged, in case the school does lose power.  I don’t know if that’s really possible… they probably have generators.  If they don’t, they should.  I hate being without power.

I’m rambling now, so it’s just best I go back to watching movies with the guys now.

But before I go…











here’s a picture of the hot chocolate we just made!

Okay, well, that’s all I have for you.  Be safe everyone!


The Heartbreaker

I mentioned in my ‘about me’ that I have only ever had two girlfriends over the past seven years.

BrokenHeartMy first ever girlfriend… man, I really thought she was the one.  We were just so great together even though I didn’t really fall in love with her until after our first year together.  We ended up being together for just a month short shy of six years when I found out that she had cheated on me for a few weeks.  For weeks and weeks I was upset with myself for not seeing the signs earlier.  It wouldn’t have hurt any less, but at least I would’ve seen it coming instead of being like a deer caught in headlights when I found out.

After the initial shock I went into a deep funk.  I was certain that I would never get over her.  A year later, well, I’m doing better.  It still hurts to think that she could hurt me in that way.  I would’ve understood if she had just talked to me rather than go behind my back with some other guy.  But, I don’t dwell on it anymore.  I’ve moved on and I’m in a new relationship, but that’s another story.

Looking back now I guess it seems a little silly that I felt like I found ‘the one’ at the age of fifteen… but I know that it does happen for some people.  I do know a few of them.  I guess I just wasn’t one of them.


My Name Is Max, Not Reptar

Er, hi. I’m not really a dinosaur. I just really like Reptar. And if you don’t know who Reptar is, you never had a childhood. Just saying.

So, I’m Max and this is my revived blog. I started this account a few years ago, but I forgot about it. I guess what you can expect is just some posts about my day, or my opinion on some national or global topic or whatever. I’m not a professional writer or anything, so the blog will be mostly laid back, unless I feel like throwing out a nice, formal, article-type thing. I am studying Journalism after all. But this is just something to kinda have an outlet.

So that’s all. I’m out.